Friday, March 16, 2018

Jelly Jive plus a space ship pillowcase

I have finally finished this "PINK" quilt. I used the pattern called Jelly Jive from Pieced Tree Patterns and put this together at a retreat in May 2012.    I do not remember the name of the fabric in the jelly roll. I did this before I started to blog about my quilting, so did not keep all that sort of information.

When I finished the top, I did not like it. From across the room, like this picture,

I kind of like it. Up close and personal, I don't like it. My friend, Kathy, says it's because it's not "me".  Not my usual pick of colors. She may be right!  I decided that I needed to "finish" it and get it out of my stack of UFOs. I ordered a wide backing online. Unable to find a pink one I liked, I chose a light green.

And I made a math error when deciding how much of the backing to order. I was short a little bit.

 So I inserted a piece of the stripe that I had decided to use as the binding.  Now that it is done, I have decided that I don't hate it and may just keep it in my "to gift" box. It was quilted by my friend Lynn using the Pretty Paisley panto.

In addition, I finished this single pillowcase to go with the Space Ship quilt for my great grandson..... you can see the quilt here. I found a piece of coordinating fabric on line and ordered 1 yard.

 It doesn't follow the pattern exactly, but I just inserted a piece of leftover red fabric, called Maze by Robert Kauffman that was included with the kit for the panel quilt. It turned out pretty cute, I think.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Dick and Jane, 5 yard quilt

The first Wednesday of every month, I am privileged to meet and sew with 12 wonderful women. We call ourselves Loose Threads and we vary in age from 82 to 60. The first Wednesday in February I started putting this 5-yard quilt together. 

This quilt is approximately 52 X 68 . It is a pattern that I have used over and over. The focus fabric is called Go with Dick and Jane and was in my stash for  almost 18 years. The background looks a bit gray here, but it is a soft mint green.  The orange-y clamshell fabric and the gold were also in my stash.  I posted more detail on this post late last year.

The pattern calls for the inside border to be the same as the gold fabric in the offsetting block.
However, as I wrote in the 2017 post, the fabric has marks on it and I could not get it out or cut around it. So I decided on the dark brown.

I had just enough of the focus fabric to use it for the large outside border. I like it a lot and now that fabric is gone with the exception of about 4" by 18".  Because the fabric is directional, it took a bit of planning to cut it the proper way.  I don't have an idea for the backing, but will use the aqua/teal bubble fabric for the binding.  Because it is on one of my challenge lists, but only the top has to be completed, I am calling it done.  I don't quilt my own quilts, only table toppers, place mats and small stuff. So this will wait for a backing and for my long arm quilter to have time (she bought a new house and is going to Paducah in April) and for me to have some extra dollars! 

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Finish It Up Friday - Space Ship Quilt

I shared the top finished  in this post. But now the small quilt for my great grandson is completely finished. I received a piece of batting from my granddaughter when she moved recently. She is not a quilter and I don't know where it came from, but it was the right size for this smallish quilt. It was quilted by my friend Marva Jo using a pantograph called Starstruck. It's perfect!

I had originally selected an orange minky for the back of this little comfort quilt, but when I say this flannel backing on a quilt on Katie Mae's blog, I was smitten. It's perfect. The colors are complementary and it's happy. Katie generously shared that she had purchased it at JoAnn's. They didn't have it at my local JoAnn's and it wasn't eligible for shipping to the store, but I ordered it anyway ( it was on sale) and paid the shipping. It is really nice quality. I finished the binding on Tuesday night watching This Is Us. 

I am really please with how this quilt turned out. I plan to make a coordinating pillow case to go with it. Our great grandson will have a birthday in September, so I will be ready! This UFO was the pick for my local quilt group, due to be done by our gathering on the 3rd Sunday in March. I'll make that goal too!  

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Friday, March 2, 2018

APQ UFO 2018 for March

The number for March has been selected. #3 is a pattern called the Melly and Me Fat Quarter Bag. This pattern was purchased at a local quilt show 4 years ago. The fabric is Australian and it's gorgeous. The fabrics were in a bundle  pre-selected by the owners of the shop and I loved them at first sight. But in December when I put this project on this UFO list, I pulled the fabric and the pattern and really looked at the fabrics and the places to use them. I decided that , although I love all the fabric, it feels like it needs a different fabric for the top of the purse.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

OMG for March 2018 Elm Street Quilts Challenge

My One Monthly Goal for March is to make at least 6 blocks for the Covered in Love Block Drive sponsored by Kat and Cat Quilts. This month, Kat has asked for 12.5 inch blocks in blue. Using the pattern for Hunter's Star and just 2 fabrics, one blue solid and one blue print. Click on the above link to see Kat's block.

I may have some trouble, because I do not have many solids. I did make a baby quilt late last year in solids, blues and grays. So I may be able to use up some of those scraps.

I just went to my sewing room and did this pull. I think I can do it!! 


and here , on the left, are a few more!   Now I am excited to get started.

I will link this up at Elm Street Quilts, One Monthly Goal   March Goal Setting Link Up. 

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Scrappy Challenge Month Two

I am in Arizona this week. It's much warmer here than at home, but not shorts or capri weather. We have enjoyed our visit and tomorrow will visit the Grand Canyon. We've driven close but never taken the time to stop in the past. I am looking forward to it. I am going to try to post a photo of my Purple /lavender slab block to Scappyhappy Saturday, at So Scrappy.

So here goes.....

I have added a few more rounds, but did not get photos before I left home. You can't really tell from the pic, but the small easy chair in my sewing room is eggplant in color. Can you tell I like purple?

Ok, that is it for this post, I hope I can do the link up. I have only my Kindle here and my phone.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

February OMG complete

My February One Monthly Goal was to get these two Patch-abilities to the point of doing the machine applique.  The backgrounds are pieced, the batting and backing layered. The pieces are fused in place. Ready for the buttonhole or blanket stitch. I will do some in black, but most will have the thread matching the pieces. Also, Lena's hat is crazy quilt patched, so I will use some contrasting thread and some "fancy" stitches. Buttons will be added to eyes and eyebrows and mouth will be hand embroidered in black.
Lena and Olie- ready for applique and embroidery details

I am anxious to get these complete and ready to be displayed next winter. I am ready for winter to be over!!!  We are leaving for a week in Phoenix with our son, so I am getting this post ready early. I will schedule it to post on the 23rd. I am leaving my laptop at home. I am hoping to be able to link my post with Patty's finish link up ,using my kindle. In a pinch I will borrow my son's laptop, or my husband's iPad.

Wish me luck:   I hope to be able to link this with OMG Finish at Elm Street Quilts

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